//What do we mean with Citizen Science

What do we mean with Citizen Science


Can science gain help from citizens? An can citizens from all over the world take part in new scientific discoveries?

This is precisely what happens in all projects of Citizen Science, which engage – through web platforms and initiatives in schools, parks and museums – volounteers from different countries and of every age. They all must be ready to obeserve and gather environmental data – like the sighting of a bird or the florescence of a plant – as well as to classify astronomical images.

The scientific comunity engages with citizens in activities of data mapping through projects on a local or global level. It helps expand the amount of information gathared in nature and actively engages citizens, students and scientists. Citizen science can provide effective monitoring systems and research tools.

Does this partnership bring an advantage to the scientific research? Are these projects an effective tool to dissiminate scientific knowledge and to sensibilize citizens in caring for their land? Does Citizen Science open up a new perspective for a more democratic science?

We suggest you this talk by Remy Bossu on EMSC citizen seismology at educational and citizen seismology workshop held at Geological Society London February 2018 www.emsc-csem.org