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Is there a collaborative science?

Can citizens from all over the world participate in scientific projects?

The scientific community involves citizens in mapping scientific data with local or global projects. This helps to widen the amount of information gathered in nature, and actively involves citizens, students, and scientists.
Citizenship provides effective monitoring systems and increasingly important research tools.

Is there a collaborative science?

Want to participate in citizen science projects?

Ongoing projects for schools
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We promote
citizen science

We organize meetings, articles, lectures around Italy to raise awareness of the NGO, public authorities, schools and teachers about Citizen science.

What do we mean with Citizen Science

Can science gain help from citizens? An can citizens from all over the world take part in new scientific discoveries? This is precisely what happens in all projects of Citizen Science, which engage - through web [...]

We do
audience analysis

Why do citizens participate in Citizen science events? To understand this, we make surveys that help understand the needs of citizens and involve them better in Citizen Science initiatives.

Audience Survey Report Bioblitz Lombardia 2017 

The problem: What audience can we involve in Citizen Science? Scienza Collaborativa proposed to the organizers of the 2nd Bioblitz in Lombardy protected areas (Lombardy Region, Parks Area, Regional Park Oglio Sud, Natural Reserve and [...]

for science

The Italian community is questioning the ways to communicate citizen science, and promote citizen engagement. Scienza collaborativa takes part in the debate and looks for Call to support these ideas.

Up4 School Grant. 2017

We attented the UP 4 school Grant, 2017. We are among the finalists. Next stage: Selection Event. Talent garden in Turin. December 5, 2017. Our project:  ScienceUp ScienceUp is an educational programme for Schools that uses [...]