//Audience Survey Report Bioblitz Lombardia 2017 

Audience Survey Report Bioblitz Lombardia 2017 


The problem: What audience can we involve in Citizen Science?

Scienza Collaborativa proposed to the organizers of the 2nd Bioblitz in Lombardy protected areas (Lombardy Region, Parks Area, Regional Park Oglio Sud, Natural Reserve and Didbic Farm Le Bine, Northern Regional Park) to conduct a public Survey on this important event of Citizen Science.

The aim:

– create a questionnaire of public survey for the Citizen Science activities in Italy,

– to figure out the profiles of participants in Bioblitz in Italy

to design and test a collaborative working method able to create tools that are available also for the other Citizen Science activities.

DOWNLOAD THE FINAL REPORT: Audience Survey Report Bioblitz Lombardia 2017 (Available in Italian)

The theme. The engagement of the public is at the bottom of every Citizen Science project. Unfortunately there is very few data and research available on the characteristics of the participants to the european projects, and especially the italian ones.

What does it mean public survery? Public surverys are tool for analysis and research used to better comprehend who are the users, be they real or potential, of a particular service orthe participants of a specific activity. Data is gathered in order to understand their demographic characteristics, interests and habits.

Why is a public survery important? Public surveys are a fundamental tool to engage people in a Citizen Science project and keeping their interest in it over time. It allows to develop tools and appropriate activities, calibrate the comunication, use effective languages and engage new publics with a “science for citizens” that is more engaging.

The event: Bioblitz 2017 in the protected areas of the Lombardy Region. In 2017, for the second year, Lombardy Protected Areas were proposed to organise and carry out on a single date a Bioblitz in its territory to involve the population in the collection of data on flora and fauna species. The aim was to introduce the biodiversity  activities carried out. Bioblitz took place in 29 protected areas over the weekend of 20-21 May 2017. 2,655 citizens attended teh event and were guided by 114 guides/naturalists and 73 volunteers. More than 3,000 observations have been included in the iNaturalist platform on the Bioblitz Lombardia 2017 page.