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We want to help disseminate in Italy the Citizen Science, a collaborative and participatory way of doing science, in which citizens are side by side with the scientists. This is why we have founded Scienza Collaborativa (Collaborative Science) with the aim of helping teachers, educators, citizens, and scientists discover Citizen Science. This is accomplished by stimulating the participation and sharing the scientific, pedagogical and social values.

Giovanna Ranci Ortigosa. Environmental engineer. Phd in Ecology
Mail: info@scienzacollaborativa.it

Sarah Dominique Orlandi. Communication projects and educational multimedia tools
+30 340 8281913

Since 2017 we are an ECSA Member



Giovanna Ranci Ortigosa – Environmental engineerwith a PhD in Ecology. After a few years spent researching at the university he decided to follow his passion towards scientific comunication, environmental disclosure and education for sustainable development. He realised various projects for public institutions, companies, onlus, and also european partnerships. From 2001 to 2017 she was a guest lecturer in Ecology at Politecnino in Milan and in its branches in Como, Lecco and Cremona.
@giovanna_ranci  linkedin

Sarah Dominique Orlandi – Educational manager.  She deals with methodological  innovation in relation to the planning of the comunication tools. She realised many projects for Biennale di Venezia, Museo del Novecento, Museo MAXXI in Rome nad Pinacotea di Brera. She is a consultant for cultural societies and comunication agencies. Beside her planning work she conducts a strong educational a research. 
@CreandoProgetti – linkedin – CreandoCultura.it